Institute of Global Certification Inc. (IGC) is a legal entity taking a responsibility for certification activities.


IGC fully understands the importance of impartiality in conducting certification activities. Therefore, it will ensure that all transactions with customers or prospects and employees or other personnel keep fairness.


To ensure that impartiality is maintained and proven, IGC has established the following principles


  • certificate of IGC is issued after review by independent internal and authorized members to ensure that there are no impartiality hazards.
  • IGC does not provide management system consulting or other forms of consulting to any organizations or individuals
  • IGC does not provide internal audit services to any organizations or individuals.
  • IGC does not interest in other companies such as finance or others providing auditing, management system consulting or internal auditing services.
  • IGC does not affiliate with companies that provide consulting, internal audit services, or other services that may be judged to affect the certification services provided by IGC.
  • The impartiality committee undergoes a risk assessment until the proposed relationship between IGC and other companies is formulated. Current relationships with companies, organizations, and individuals are periodically assessed for risk evaluation to ensure relationships that do not affect the impartiality of the certification process.
  • Risk assessment is conducted by the Impartiality Committee.
  • Individuals hired or contracted with IGC must record their current and past relationships with all companies. Any past or current situation that may cause potential conflicts of interest must be declared by IGC
  • IGC does not assign employees or subcontractors who were involved in the management system audit in the past.
  • They can be assigned to a management system audit that has not been involved for at least two years
  • The risk assessment will be reviewed by the impartiality Committee
  • IGC does not provide any training on the establishment of organization's management system.
  • IGC will ensure that there are no connections or sales in any way connected with management system consulting activities and will take appropriate action if such a relationship is identified.
  • All employees are assessed at least annually to ensure that they perform fairly when conducting assessments-related activities.
  • Auditors and personnel involved in the certification process will not be under any pressure, and IGC will not have any influence on any specific conclusions regarding the audit results.